Accounts for Kids & Teens

Learn about saving and spending at Total Community Credit Union.

Total Community CU is here to help every member realize their dreams.
Open a TCCU savings account and make deposits– over time your savings will start to grow.

Open an accountwith as little as $5.00. Get Money-Smart. No fees, Accounts held by Members under 23years of age are not  subject to low balance fee.

Many employers require an account for direct deposited wages. Be sure your teen has a TCCU account when they begin submitting work applications. Visit Total Community Credit Union today with your teen.

teen worker stocking grocery produce and teen serving table at restaurant

Accounts for
Kids, Teens & Young adults

– No Fees, ages 1-22 yrs
– Notifications
– Online Transfers
– Direct Deposit
– Spending Controls
– Set Recurring Allowance
– Debit Card
– Venmo
– Fee Free ATMs

No personal information from children under the age of 16 is collected from this site.

Continuing Education Scholarships

At Total Community CU we’re committed to our members and taking steps to assist in their pursuit of higher education. Each year TCCU awards scholarships to outstanding student members.

2024 Scholarship applications will be available in February.